My Name is Thomas Nemcsek and I was born in 1976. I live in Austria in a small town near Linz (Upperaustria) with my wife and my two kids. My bun I earn as an IT-Technician. I started photographing 2008 and since then I am addicted to it.

Meanwhile I spend every free minute with photographic work and studies. Unfortunately I can not spend so much time for this as I would like to spend, but that makes also some projects exciting.

My first contact with Urban Exploring was an article in the year 2010 on a photowebsite and I was deeply impressed of the shown HDR photos from abandoned buildings. At that moment I decided that I want to learn to make such impressive photos of decay.

Technically I am moving on HDR and long time exposures, but I also love the classic black/white photography.

All photos from me are under Creative Commons License: Attribution 3.0 Unported. That means that you can share it, remix it or use it for commercial work. You only have to attribute me an my website (zeitfaenger.at) You can download the Full Size Photos from here. If there is no Full Size Version online, write me a short mail and I will upload it.

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